ArrayCrv Stairlike


Tried out R8 for the first time today. Loving the flyouts with the commands… not a big fan of the toon look… But more importantly, I installed it to see if ArrayCrv was improved and finally there is a stairlike option. :clap: :clap: :clap:.

Does anyone have a workflow to array along the curve so that the vertical increments remain the same (ie ignore the distance along the curve). Images and files attached.

ArrayCrv R7.3dm (71.6 KB)
ArrayCrv R8.3dm (77.6 KB)

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Hayden, I think GH will be your friend here - see if this does anything you like (10.8 KB)

@hayden I included the step and the path - open a new mm file and this updated gh and see if you see anything useful.


Thanks for sharing Pascal. I couldn’t get it to produce the results I’m after which is probably more a reflection of my non-GH skills. Did it manually in the end with good ole’ fashion rotate and move. Will get around to learning GH one day. :lying_face: