Array objects or blocks on multiple curves

Hi, is it possible to use the array command for multiple curves in just one click?
The case here is that I have a very huge network of non-uniform, non-planar roads, each road consist of two parallel curves, each 3,4,5,… roads should generate a closed curve (Island) between them, each road should have a street light (as a block) on it’s both sides, the catch here is:
1- using the start point of every curve (the Islands) as the array path start
2- using the direction of each curve from it’s start as the direction of the array path

Hello- can you post a simple example with the objects in place? I do not have a lot of hope for automating that but at least it would be good to see exactly what has to happen.


Sorry for being late to reply, my life was tuff lately…
this is what I mean in the image, I use arraycrv command with a distance of 40 meter and (roadlike) orientation, however I wish they always stay perpendicular to the Cplane (street lights), it seems not possible!
thank you for your time Pascal.

Hello - something like this, possibly, to get started - (12.7 KB)



thank you so much Pascal, it didn’t work for me… but it’s ok, guess ill have to do theme one by one all the time.
thank you so much