Array along curve's normal

Hello, community
Is there any simple way to array(or contour) the object along the curve’s normal (or at a specific angle)?
I got the desired result using the FLOW ALONG CURVE tool but this method isn’t always convenient and it’s a much more time-consuming process.
Is there any other simple way or tool, let’s say, array along curve’s normal, or contour along curve’s normal or even more where we can choose at what degree the array object (or contour) will deviate from the curve? That would be a great tool.
Sincerely B.G.

array_along_curveNormal.3dm (2.2 MB)

Hello- ArrayCrv will do what you want, I think, if the input object is placed in the alignment you like:


Hello, Pascal
I got a clue, thank you again. :pray:
A quick question - Is it possible to extrude a curve along its normal? ( If I use sweep1 I can get the desired shape, but I wonder If there is such a command or possibility)

Hello- the Ribbon command will do that.


:pray: :pray: :pray: