Arithmetic Pattern on the number of sides of a floorplate shape

i’m trying to make a skyscraper, but I want the shape of the floor to change as it goes up.

this is the pattern I’m trying to go for, with the sides increasing by incrimates of 8.

This is supposed to be implmented in my existing design attached here (24.5 KB)

but I think ran into so much trial and error with the littlest
thing that would just not work. I don’t really know how to do arithmetic patterns on grasshopper. because the number of sides is supposed to correlate with the height of the building

At this point, I don’t really know how to approach this idea and wanna see if I could get any suggestions or help before I abort this entirely.

So you start with only one square at the bottom? Or? How about starting with 100 squares at the bottom and decreasing by 8 on each floor? But you said “sides” not squares… :thinking:

I don’t really know which method is best, thinking of them as sides or squares are different approaches. I mostly tried working with lines in my script. (it didn’t go well) Just as long as they make the general shape I’m looking for.

Decreasing might work as well but I don’t know how to make a pattern happen (that correlates with the floorplate number). How to individually extract the number of floors to multiply/increase by incriminates of 8 and reconstruct the shape of the floor with that new information.

Here is a thing… With a little more work I can cull the floors that have duplicate numbers of sides. (25.1 KB)

I’m going back to childhood with those little cubes. (14.3 KB)


I culled duplicate floors with the same number of “sides”. Added a ‘Size’ slider at the last minute but haven’t explored it yet… (35.9 KB)

Very nice! I got on the wrong path and obsessed about it… :frowning:

This is your model, consistently incrementing the number of sides by 8:

Added rotation and symmetry… Note sure how this thing is supposed to stay straight :sweat_smile: (17.7 KB)

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On the other hand, this conforms to the requirement of increasing the number of sides per floor by 8.

Trying to feel better about the path I chose. :wink: I set the ‘Floor_M’ slider to 17 and got this: 10 floors. ‘Size’ slider still doesn’t work as hoped but it’s irrelevant, eh.

UPDATED: Square ‘Size’ slider fixed - super easy. (37.0 KB)

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I cannot resist a small contribution to this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: