Area / volume calculation question

hi folks!
This seems like a basic question but I have searched and haven’t found the answer. I wonder if I calculate the area or volume of an object if it is just calculating the object itself or the area inside the object if it is a hollow object? If It is just calculating the volume of the object itself is there a way to calculate the volume inside the object? Thanks!

Assuming your object is made from single faces then it will be the volume of the interior as the wall has no thickness.

If your object has a wall thickness or internal detail then you’ll have to subtract one from the other or remove the outer faces to leave you with a solid/volume of the internal structure (I think - I don’t think there’s a way to sub select anything)


Hi Courtney - Area considers the area of one side of the surfaces in the object - no different, for a box, let’s say, if you were to lay all six faces of the box out flat and measured the total area. Volume considers the enclosed volume - that is, surfaces themselves have no thickness, so volume only counts if all the surfaces completely enclose a volume - a sphere or a box both have volume, but a box with one side missing does not… Dunno if that helps at all…


Thanks Pascal!

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