Are your students graduating soon?

Hello again!

If you have students graduating soon (and thus losing access to the School Lab License) don’t let them lose the opportunity to purchase their own copy of Rhino at the educational price.

  • Unlike other educational software, they’re encouraged to use your Rhino Educational license even after graduating, and for any purposes (including commercial work).
  • Rhino Educational licenses do NOT expire. There are no subscription, maintenance, or support fees. Check for complete details.
  • To order a Rhino Educational license, they will need to contact a local authorized dealer or a McNeel regional office:
  • Proof of student status required with order.

I wish a teacher had told me that, I would have saved an 80%.
Be an awesome teacher and let your students know. I’m sure they won’t forget you :orange_heart:!


@Gijs might this be of interest to your students?


i think that this is the most noble thing a company which produces and provides tools for our daily environment, architects, designers you name it can do. to actively approach people with an unbelievable deal keeping and building up a community rather than to greedily indulge on any customer.

for this i take my hat and bow before you guys. get a virtual hug and be well.

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