Are there any examples showing 3d model from 3dm file using OpenNurbs SDK?

Hello, I have validated openNURBS sdk with this simple code.

#include <iostream>

#define OPENNURBS_PUBLIC_INSTALL_DIR "C:/opennurbs-7.6.21127.19001"
#include "C:/opennurbs-7.6.21127.19001/opennurbs_public.h"

int main()
	std::cout << "OpenNURBS Version " << ON::Version() << " \n";
	return 0;

Now I need to find example codes showing 3d models by reading 3dm file.
I want to show the 3d model on GUI.
Please give some example codes or guides.

Thanks in advance!

You might have a look at the example_gl sample that comes with the openNURBS source.

– Dale