Arduino space mouse

Hello all,

I am new to this Forum and hope this is the right category for my post.

I have been playing around with an Arduino and a joystick/rotary encoder to build my own small size 3D-mouse (see gif). However the problem is that as it emulates a mouse it also moves the cursor in comparison to a 3DConnexion device.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how a similar behaviour could be achieved?
Some functionality (eg. tilting) could be done through keyboard shortcuts, but not all.
Could there be a possibility to emulate a 3DConnexion device and use the official driver?

Appreciate any help, thoughts and hints!



before anybody else chimes in with a better understanding/idea, i assume that getting away from emulating a mouse and writing a little driver might be a necessary move. but i am just wildly guessing.

cool project by the way, hope you get some more help.

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Remove the joystick knob & place the encoder on top with hot glue try making casing for it it will increase the stability.
For pan left right hold the button and joystic input .
Im trying to make one
While searching for is there any Arduino 3d mouse on Google i found yours…:person_frowning:t2: is so similar to the space mouse
It has though hole at the shaft with plastic wire like 1.7mm 3d filament you can rotate the encoder placing at bottom of the joystick

how about, capture mouse cursor position before it start to move, after move, place it back to its original position. Or maybe, set it back to the center of the screen without triggering the pan/rotate/zoom. Just a thought