Architecture based videos for rhino?

Can anyone plz provide me with some videos based on architectural use of rhino?

Rhino by itself was never intended for architecture. It’s a general use industrial design surface modeling tool with a rich set of developer and customization tools.
The addition of Grasshopper to Rhino has made Rhino very interesting to architecture.

So with that in mind, you won’t find much of anything tutorial wise for architecture specifically. Don’t let that stop you.

Have a look at the User’s Guide for general Rhino tutorials.
Then have a look at Grasshopper:

Hi Zabihnazish,

Welcome to the forum. As a fellow architect, I also was looking for video tutorials a few years ago when I started learning Rhino. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Learn the basics of Rhino first by either taking a Level 2 class or buying one of the video packages that are out there. Infinity Skills has one, for example. There are others. An online version of the Level 2 class is offered several times a year and you can find out more about it by calling McNeel.

  2. For how to create construction documents through Rhino, here is a link to Mary Fugier’s excellent page on the subject:

There is a detailed 1:38 minutes long video that is well worth watching.

  1. Consider buying VisArq. It is a parametric plug-in for Rhino specifically designed for architects. There may very well be videos for that which may be exactly what you are looking for.

  2. Finally, continue to take advantage of the tremendous resources available to you in this forum by posting questions, and don’t hesitate to call McNeel’s technical support department. They are VERY helpful. When you post a question in the forum, if you want to direct it to a specific person then you should precede their user name with the @ symbol.

There is also a chat window you can use in communicating with them, if that is more appealing to you. That way you can have a written record of your conversation. This is particularly appealing for people working in a bullpen, where talking on the phone would be disruptive to others.

The link to that is here:

Just click on the tab in the lower right hand corner of the page. Keep in mind that McNeel is located in Seattle, Washington, so their hours are Pasific Standard Time, but there are people who will often answer your questions 24 hours a day.

Hope this helps.

Cosmas Demetriou