Arc Sed Concave

Hi Guys,
Can’t figure it out how to make Arc SED convex or concave? Do I have to rotate the vector?

Thank you. (13.9 KB)

Also don’t quite understand how to control curvature ?
It is probably relates to my first question. (11.9 KB) (11.1 KB)

Cheers ! Got it. It works for the second case as well. Thank you (20.1 KB)

Thank you Kim.

I made a small progress last night. But I don’t understand why second arc is straight line? (17.6 KB)

I am also planning to create surfaces from these curves and then panelised with use of attractor points similar to attached examples . Could you please point me in a right direction on how to achieve it.
Will try it tonight :slight_smile:

Still can’t get my arc to work?
What I am missing ? Do I have to provide 25 items for the second point as well?


Not necessarily. You just have to make sure that all input triplets which are handled by the component yield valid arc constraints. That means that no triplets should have coincident start and end-points, and the tangent vector should never be (anti)parallel to the (s, e) span. In these cases arcs are either underdefined or have infinite radius. (19.0 KB)

Thank you David

Cheers Kim. I see my problem was a wrong Vector direction.

BTW, in this type of operation, it would be much easier to create a unit module and then perform a polar array.
You’ll need mesh edit and mesh+ plugins to make this work. (48.3 KB)

Thank you Kim. I was thinking the same way and started to rebuild the definition just for one segment. Previous was too messy anyway.

I was really hoping to keep it as surfaces and then create solids (with thickness say 200mm) for each piece to be able to 3D print them. With 10mm gap between each panel.

Apologies for all these questions I really appreciate your help, more I learn grasshopper more I understand how much more I still need go through.

Something like an image below…