Arbitrary curve to an arbitrary plane

I want to place a set of curves located randomly to a plane which is in a specific location.!

i want to place this brep to a plane to this location (marked in blue)
and from there i want to move and rotate these.
how do i place that curves to that plane ?
curve to (260.6 KB)

Orient might be useful for you.

Thank you so much for responding !!

here is what i get when i orient it.the curves are getting shattered . how can we keep it as it is there ?
set 1 rotation (140.1 KB)
i am attaching the gh file with it

You didn’t internalise your data. If you are not sure how, check item 3 in the link below.

Excuse me for the previous file
this is the gh file
curve to (260.6 KB)