Approximated offset curve(s) without self-intersections

Hi, I’m new to this forum. Quickly, I’d like to express gratitude for the OpenNURBS initiative. Though I have more testing, I believe I’ve successfully created a method to create offset curve(s) without self-intersections. I understand that the primary goal of OpenNURBS is to promote file interchange - where should one go to “share” extra developments that might benefit a community? I ask here because a lot of my file/data structure implementation is with OpenNURBS. If this is inappropriate for this forum, I understand - just let me know.

I suggest to put your code on GitHub so others can benefit. If McNeel want to incorporate your code they can get it off of there. Make sure to use a license that makes that possible.

Thank you for the response. Yeah, I’ll post to GitHub (etc.) after I complete testing and little code cleanup.