ApplyDisplacement shows "command unknown"

I need to provide texture to few surfaces of my model which i thought would be possible by using ‘ApplyDisplacement’ command which does not work unfortunately and it says ‘command unknown’ in the command line.I believe I do not have the required plugin.How to get same? Any link to the download?

The surface needs real texture and not just a bump map as the model would be manufactured in real.
Help would be really appreciated.

Version 5 SR5 (5.5.30717.16015, 17-Jul-13)

Oh well. You should be on SR14. Trying to find out what’s wrong on preceding versions doesn’t make sense.

if you have not other option because you cant update or whatever, you can also use the command Heightfield to produce a real geometry texture from a shaded jpg, png - image and use FlowAlongSrf for example. that would mean that you have to unroll the surfaces, or use squish if needed to create the area and use this as a trim for the heightfield. have you got an example or something similar to what you want to achieve?

You might want to consider paying for your copy of Rhino.

Otherwise…look in the plugin manager. There may be some disabled plugins.


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maybe he even did and he does not know it? i also just found out that there is no Corporate version.