Apple M1 chip

Will Rhino work with the new M1 chip for Macs?

Not natively on ARM, only emulated on Rosetta 2.

Hi Joe - Rhino currently doesn’t work on Macs with a M1 chip.


OK, thanks

Theoretically according to Apple.

This seems to contradict Apple’s position. Has it been tried and demonstrated to fail?

I’m not aware of Apple having tried to run Rhino.
It really depends on how you define “works”, Al. If you just want to sit and look at a wireframe of a box all day, then, yes, it works. Trying to actually work will crash.

another thread about this, others already tried running Rhino:

On our internal tests we can crash Rhino in Shaded, Arctic, Rendered, and Raytraced display modes. We aren’t sure yet if this will require changes on our part or if a patch for Big Sur will fix these issues.