api.scene.getData with runtime id

I have built a react application that loads multiple plugins into a scene via “registerCommPluginAsync” after which i need to get som params(outputs) from that model to manage the camera.

I have been looking through the documentation and it seems as tho one can filter quarries on the plugin-id/runtime-id. the outputs i am looking for has the same name in every instance that i load but i was expecting to be able to filter them based on the runtimeId. from what i gather in the documentation i should be able to do this by for example
this.api.scene.getData({name: 'cameraTargetVector'}, _runtimeId)
i have also tried
this.api.scene.getData({name: 'cameraTargetVector, plugin: _runtimeId'})
with the same result. am I mistaken in believing i can filter data this way or is my queries wrong?
I managed to get it working by running
this.api.scene.get({name: 'cameraTargetVector'}, _runtimeId).data[0].content[0].data
but it feels like a workaround.

The getData function is just a shortcut for the get function which doesn’t let you filter by runtime Id, therefore it is currently only useful if there is a single plugin loaded. What you call a workaround is actually the only right way to achieve what you want at the moment. Do I understand correctly that the solution worked in your case? Let me know if you need anything else.

Aha, ok. Yes, thank you, it works for me.
However don’t the documentation here say that you should be able to do just that?