Anyone using V-Ray for Grasshoppper?


i’m trying to use V-ray Graph for grasshopper, i need to setup camera speed but i cannot find documentation, tutorials or examples to study.

I’ve found a gif on chaosgroup website but it’s almost useless…

Could anyone help?


Hi nchetz,
have a look here:

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Hi nchetz,

there is nothing like “camera speed”, there is also no time concept in VfGH, so the idea of “speed” begin change in location per unit of time, is a bit off.

Could you please explain in more details what are you trying to achieve ?

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Thanks Konrad!

i knew that doc but i came back thanks to your link and took a bit more time for testing.

i’ve managed to understand how Vray Graph works

and now i can control the translation speed of a camera, rotations, etc. and avoid linear behaviour.


nice, glad the simple link helped you :grinning:

now it’s time to work on the final 3d model, shaders and lighting!

Thanks again!

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