Anyone going to SIGGRAPH?

Hi Everyone,

@mary and I will be at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver on August 12-13.

If we’re not hanging out with the folks from Ultimaker at the Studio Installations, you might find us in at the Exhibitions with Wacom (booth 1023).

Hope to see you there!


– Dale

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Ah SIGGRAPH in Vancouver. Sweet memories from 2011 where a bunch of devs after jetlag and several sleep deprived nights type up code for weird humor. It was fun to be part of it

It would be great to go to the event to meet up. It won’t be this time though :confused:


P.S. yes, I am in the video too

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How about this year (2019, in a few days)?
Anyone coming to LA?
RMA folks?


Hi @Jarek,

Nobody from the Seatte office is planning on going.

– Dale