Anyone given the Huion Keydial half-keyboard/tablet combination a try?

It might be great, if they keyboard can be persuaded to enter Rhino commands. Anyone actually done it?

Huion Inspiroy Keydial

That looks nice. I don’t have this, but I do have a Huion Kamvas 13 Pro and I have a split keyboard that I can program. I already have programmed a couple of commands, but I intend to do more layers with commands for different programs: Rhino, Blender, GIMP, Krita. I should be able to use the left half of my keyboard for that where I have 25 keys of which one is also an encoder.

I haven’t used the Huion Kamvas much with Rhino yet, although I do know it works. I have used it more with Blender for Grease Pencil usage. Same as Krita really.

But I can say that using a drawing surface is really nice as an input format for drawing stuff.

Thanks. It’s good to know tha the Huion tablet will work with Rhino. As for the keyboard, I’d just like to be able to type commands, and I suspect that half-keyboard won’t do it, at least not without considerable programming effort. (I think it may work well for Chinese, however.)

With just half a keyboard you’ll miss out on keys to type them. I suppose that in Rhino you could add aliases, although I myself am more of the camp of programming they keyboard to do my bidding, since then I can more easily jump to machines that haven’t got my customizations.

A tablet/drawing surface and a programmable macropad could work as combo too in that respect.

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