Any way to fill irregular holes?

I don’t really care about surface quality here, I just want to hit g0 within joining tolerance, and g1 would be preferrable, but not necessary:

Note, the result cannot be a mesh! It needs to be a polysurface.

hole.3dm (417.1 KB)

Is the result of the Patch command what you need?

otherwise perhaps BlendSrf using ChainEdges to join the segments for the top and bottom edges:

Awesome, thank you very much for both solutions!

use patch
lol too late

Have you tried using the Patch command? Seems to work. There is a problem joining the existing surfaces though, see image. You can fix it with JoinEdge if you don’t care to much about precision.

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haha wow everyone is so quick on this forum

you can get that to join, play with lower stiffness 0.5 for instances and use 15 spans in each direction.
edit: ok you need something like 20 spans-