Any way to change all viewports display at once?


I don’t think that Rhino does what I’m looking for natively and nothing comes up on a search.

What I would like to be able to do is, with one command, change all display windows to be the same type of rendering (wireframe, ghosted, shaded, rendered…whatever). Having to execute the command four times or more for each display view is a bit tedious. I’ve tried the “Synchronize Views” command, however that only does zoom and there are no options for rendering.

I’m sure this can be done with a macro or script, but I’m not so advanced or have the time to learn. I know I can set a template, but I’d like to be able to change back and forth multiple times in a given editing session.

Any help appreciated!


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You actually can do this, but you need to use either the toolbar buttons in the Display group - right mouse button sets all viewports - or with a macro.

For the macro, you need to use the -SetDisplayMode command (with the dash), there is a command line toggle Viewport=Active/All. So a macro would look like this:

'_SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_All _Mode=_Shaded

HTH, --Mitch


Perfect! That’s EXACTLY what I needed. I just created three command aliases for shaded, ghosted and rendered and BOOM! All set.

Thanks a bunch!


Didn’t know about that right mouse button on the toolbars, either. Mostly have used keyboard aliases as it’s normally quicker. So many options in Rhino! Very surprised that extensive Google searches didn’t uncover the toolbar thing, though.
Thanks again!

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