Toggle all viewports the same?

Is there a toggle to set all viewports to the same style?

@CalypsoArt - What do you mean by style? Size? Same Display Mode? Other?

Sorry that’s Sketchup lingo. I mean display. Can I toggle all viewports to shaded, rendered, or wireframe. I almost never work in wireframe, yet when I start rhino all viewports are set to that. I’d like a one click to toggle the display types.

@CalypsoArt - No problem! And yes, you can set the same display mode for all viewports in one click. You need to open the Display modes cascading toolbar (the grey sphere with grid icon) and right-click on the same icon inside the bar. Here’s a more visual description…



Also remember that you can put all viewports in the display mode that you want in the template file that you use. That way you don’t have to set the display modes every time you start Rhino.