Any way of getting Rhino vectors into Photoshop easily if at all?

I am told if I had Illustrator (which I dont and cant afford) I could draw vectors then copy paste them into photoshop, providing what the path tool does. My work is in rhino, I occasionally (not worth buying Illustrator for) need to get the vectors there into pshop to become the paths on the paths palette layers.

What way if any is there ?

I do have Affinity designer. Is there a way of rhino into Affinity then Affinity into Photoshop ?



There are quite a few free options to make this work. You could export to illustrator format then open those in Inkscape and work from there. It’s been a while I used it so can’t explain the full process.

Vector support in Photoshop was added to enhance masking, and the assumption is that the masks will be drawn over images, not imported from other applications. The copy and paste from Illustrator, I can confirm works, but that seems to be the only method.

I assume you have already tried copy and paste from Affinity without success.
You probably have also created a document in Affinity with a path and saved as a PSD?