Photoshop and rhino 3d


is there a way to open a vector file, made in photoshop, and edit it in rhino?
and then return the edited file again in photoshop?

What about 2D vector drawing with colors and gradients?
is it possible to draw like this on the new rhino?


Magic word “Adobe illustrator”.

is there at least some plugin with tools for vector drawing in rhino? gradient, shadows (just like the tools that photoshop has)?

Points, lines, curves, circles, rectangles, etc. that you would draw in Rhino for drafting purposes are really similar in many respects to what you’re referring to. You can even directly export to some vector formats, like ai, eps, and svg.

Rhino is a CAD and CG app, meant for drafting and 3d modelling, which in many regards works differently than simple raster operations in Photoshop.
However, you can both do gradients and basic shadows with hatches in Rhino 7!

is there any site that has several plugins for rhinoceros like blender?

yes there is, just export the vector data as ai paths which you can perfectly load into rhino.

Driving GH with Photoshop - Grasshopper (

good job :+1: