Any thread about this kind of installation?

I need to create a sculpture or installation like this. After modeling in SU I already got one,but this model is simple one and it was a slow, laborious job if I want to modify it. I suppose that it maybe was an efficient work in GH. Does anyone could provide me some clues about this kind of work with GH scripts?
This sculpture’s scheme is love and heart as below

from one direction there is a word show “love” and from another side may 90 degrees there is a heart shape. No matter what word or shape, there are two images by different viewpoints.
And I think the famous sculpture MANDELA was made in same way. see below pic

And the Michael Murphy’s works
Anyone could give me some thread of how to script it so I can remodify the model easily? Many Thanks!
love20200427.dwg (95.5 KB)

Actually what you show and the Mandela one are very different. One uses font outlines (vector graphics) and the other uses photographs.

The first one will be much easier to do then the Mandela one.

For the font outlines from 2 viewpoints it would be roughly:

  1. create the font outlines
  2. Extrude them
  3. Do a boolean intersection
  4. build a 3dimensional point grid where the intersection is
  5. Keep only the points that are inside the intersection
  6. Place whatever you like on those points

I mean its not that difficult in GH, but probably not something you can do straight away if you have never used it.

Thank you seltzdesign, You are right, the second one is more difficult than the first one, but I think the font letter could also be regard as a image two. Your method would work easily using the extrude and boolean tools. I try to figure out how to shape the the second one like the pic show below. I think I can do it mannually, but what make it not easy is to place every slides into right position inside the round. And I would like to add another viewpoint to shape image, which is similar to the first example above (“love” case). However,the important thing is how to script a GH file that make “changing two pics, generate a 3d Image” easier. I would try your method to do it, Thank you!

girl with blue (809.7 KB)