Making Letters Pop!

Hello All, first time posting here.

I need some help, I’m trying add a gyroid type effect into a 3D Letter (H). Once the ‘Gyroid’ has been added into the H I want to extract the Mesh Lines to create a 2D graphic from the 3D Form.

I know this probably isn’t possible but I will add some photo’s to explain what im trying to do.

Orange&Black.pdf (218.1 KB)

Do you have a more detailed description of the transformation you’re after? Is it just a twist? (28.9 KB)

Hi David - I have been playing around this afternoon - achieved this!
In the end, I populated an H with points to create two curves and lofted them!

It works for now, thanks for you reply!

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That is one Picaso quality letter H :slight_smile: