Any rhino render that support rendering to layers?

This is an equivalent product for 3dsmax
A lot of people would have an easier day with something like this for Rhino.

I’m trying out the 3.0 beta of vray at the moment, and finally it looks like a somewhat decent material editor.
Will rhinos own material editor ever be bettered?

Material ID and

Hi Micha!

is that a full sentence, or dit you intend it to end differently?

I started to write and canceled the post … but not right. :slight_smile:

I use the Material ID output all days and it’s not bad. (Maybe also the Object ID can be used, but I’m not sure it works.)


I did find it in the vray output settings finally. It works but not as well as cebas product, getting a layered file with relevant names is just much much smarter than this.