Any Rhino peeps into photography?

Picked it up after the Army and found photo-walks quite therapeutic; especially in the evening when things quiet down.



For sure! Ever thought about combining the two hobbies?

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What is the “other” hobby ?

Photography + Grasshopper

Interesting. You processed it in grasshopper :slight_smile: To be honest I haven’t delved into grasshopper that much.

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Highly recommend. Also nice butterfly macro shots! Followed you on insta.

Yes. I started in the mid-70’s when I was in school, did it fairly intensively until the early 80’s, even had a few shows in San Francisco. Then the 3D stuff (modelmaking, furniture, sculpture) gradually took over. Picked it up (digitally) in 2013 and am now doing it more intensively again - in between other stuff like :motorcycle:

I am starting to work through scanning my 1000’s of b/w negatives (and a few slides) from the 70’s and 80’s, as well as doing new stuff. It’s a lot of fun and at least these days I don’t need a complete darkroom!

Oakland, CA, 1975 - scan of an original 8"x10" b/w negative (that never got printed back then).

Berlin 2013

Lausanne 2021

(Images are deliberately small/low res)


And you are actually serious about it :slight_smile: … For me it helps clear the mind and be in the moment; paying attention to the details of the world instead of letting the mind swim in thoughts.

You have a gallery with your work ?

Err… not yet. I’m working on it, just trying to decide what platform to use.

flickr is not that bad, 1000 images are for free

What criteria ?

Well, ideally it would be my own website with a dedicated gallery. However, I don’t have the skills really to set that up correctly. Also, although I am not a fan or user of social media - I thought I should have some kind of presence there, as most people these days look for that - I started mocking up a FB page, but I haven’t decided to publish it yet. I suppose Flickr might be an interesting alternative.

Flickr has a 1000 photo limit for free accounts. Google photos has a 15GB limit for free accounts. 500px limits you to posting 7 photos/week for free accounts. Instagram has no limits, but no ability to mass upload and has annoying aspect ratios and they’ll probably lock your account if you upload too many too fast. I suspect doing it yourself would require some kind of rudimentary MySQL table with an autoincrementing private key per photo. That takes either node.js (or PHP) + HTML + CSS + Javascript. I think SquareSpace or Wix might have some automated option for this and might be the simplest to get started. Wordpress too.


Highly recommend squarespace. I use it for my business as well as portfolio. The upload is manual however.

I used to be a photgrapher for a living before I got into 3D stuff…
I still do it for a hobby.


Nice work !
Bokeh and trails are always mesmerizing. They are mere technicalities, but the child in me still falls for them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Mostly landscapes but doing more equestrian shots as well.

Link seems broken.

Ahh bummer, it appears the lightroom link doesnt work unless you have the app.