Any hope that can print B&W color in Autocad after exporting .dwg from Rhino?

Hi all,

Is there anyone able to print Black and White colors in Autocad after exporting .dwg files from Rhino?

Test file:
test.dwg (58.9 KB)

The problem is

  • The only situation Autocad can print Black&White color is by changing Properties-> Display color -> choose Black in Rhino. But, this will produce a problem; that is, the only display color in Autocad is B&W.

  • Autocad users cannot keep .dwg files that from Rhinno because those files cannot print as B&W.

This has been in the list, I hope this can be improved.

This is the Autocad setting I’ve changed, “monochrome” became useless in this case.

Changes I have to make in Rhino in order to print B&W in Autocad. In other words, I have to export two files; one of which is for printing purpose, the other is for monitor screen color display purpose. In conclusion, both files are useless for Autocad users unless two problems are solved.