Annoying basic question about GTX 1080 ti GPU power supply

New yes, but second-hand, not likely.

Most cables supplied with cards are for getting power to the card from other sources, aren’t they?Like sata, two 6 pin to an 8 pin or an 6 to 8.
Some might be long enough And intended to connect directly to a modular psu, that I don’t know since the psu’s I have used usually come with a good range of cables.

Or have that changed lately as modular has becomed more the standard?

My last boxed card was a 970, the 1070 was a demo, the wx 7100 came in bublewrap from amd and the 2070’s were preinstalled so never saw the box.

You’re badmouthing one of the most knowledgeable and helpful contributors to this board who has helped me and numerous others on many occasions, always with good grace and humour, more than you can say about your unhelpful snark.
Show a little respect.
In this instance @Holo was very clear about what he did and didn’t know about the question.

Have a wild guess what I did before asking for help on this forum? Nvidia just referred me to the spec sheets for the card, which don’t answer my question. (edit: at least not in a way comprehensible to me… :rofl:

Anyway, got some cables. If you hear a loud wailing sound in the vicinity of Elephant & Castle you’ll know I’ve fried my card…

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Modular PSU make things so easy with labeled ports and cables.

…I don’t see any PCIe outputs… :face_with_monocle:

You plug those into the Sata ports. The PCIE cables are labeled as Sata cables.

Steady on boys, steady on…

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thank you John