Announcement! Video tutorials now on GrasshopperDocs portal

Hi all, I’m excited to announce that we now have 500+ video tutorials on the GrasshopperDocs portal!

This is what the VisualARQ tutorials look like:

This is what the KUKA tutorials look like:

Video Tutorials can only be viewed on the addon pages. I can display them on individual component pages as well, provided we can tag them in such a way.

How you can help!

  • I have listed more than 1000 YouTube videos, mostly hand curated, from authors like Parametric House, Om.Egvo, Chris Mackey, Junichiro Horikawa, Geometry Gym, and many more!

  • However most of these videos are not tagged (associated with an addon or component) and therefore we don’t know which page to display these on

  • If you want to build our video collection, add your videos to the videos.json file on Github, or help in the tagging effort by writing the names of addons that the video pertains to!



If you want to help, simply visit this link, sign in with Github, and begin tagging or adding videos!

Thank you!