VisualARQ 2 Library


I thought it would come handy to share some of my VisualARQ2 Library and if veryone joins it could be of great benefit for everyone.

I made some annotations that calculate the heigth of a point (using the Z-Value - with the possibility to change the calculation for a realtive Value) - one is for section one for planview. But as my native language is German those componants are produced this way - it’s easy to change this.

Thats what those look like:

And here they are:
Hö (19.6 KB)
Hö (20.0 KB)


Hey Axm,
I am glad to see these :slight_smile: Here comes my question again, if there is any chance to add a subpage to visualarq webpage for inserting user objects? I am sure that sharing objects and parametric components would be a huge benefit! @fsalla?


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I wrote with @fsalla before an asked him about this and he said if I can’t wait to share those i shoud start a new thread in the forum - so thats what happened :wink:

But I think in the long run they want to implement something like this on the page.

@petumatr @Axm We have planned to add a place in VisualARQ website (or in food4rhino) where users can load their Grasshopper definitions for creating VisualARQ styles, but until this is not ready you are more than welcome to load your styles in Discourse.

Totally agree.

Also; though I don’t have the solution yet; it would be good to think of a way for the content to be curated… just to avoid it becoming a dumping ground (not accusing anyone here; just in my firm if you make a bucket & ask people to fill it without providing structure; you quickly get terrabytes of stuff which varies from the brief! :slight_smile:

You are totally right - There also could be some kind of guidelines for the Library

For example just use english as a common language… Keep the code clean - and command what the componants to - so that everyone can easily change it… (Thats at least something that is important for me)

… I might change the language in my annotations as well… :wink:

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