Animating a system with concurent children paths

test anim6.3dm (12.4 MB)
We are trying to animate a mechanical system with two independent levers actuated by two independent motors. We have used IK using a point following a path curve but are stumped when the dependecy path is split in two.
Included is the model.
Would anyone have a suggestion?

Update trying using Bongo 3 WIP with new connectors…

The IK structure in your 2.0 model is off to a good start. For object “suport capteur” though the pivot is at the wrong place. It should be located where the spinning actually happens (coordinate 0,0,0 in your model) and made a ‘Hinge Y’.

Secondly you overlooked that the distance between object “suport capteur” and the point “point” on the path cannot remain constant. So I added an auxiliary point object “aux” telescopically to the chain and constrained it to the diligent point object “point”.
test anim6 001.3dm

So far Bongo 2.0 IK. It’s nice you had a go with Bongo 3 WIP too!

The issue of the diligent point object “point” which needs to be able to move away from the “suport capteur” remains. So again here the aid of an auxiliary object is needed. It is connected to the “suport capteur” with a slider and then ‘Grasped’ to the point “point”.
test anim6 WIP.3dm

I found the model is slightly misbehaving. The “Fourche” at the top is faintly tilted at the end of the motion. It can be cured… test anim6 WIP 001.3dm… by disabling rotations X and Y of the “Fourche” in it former IK joint properties panel.

I’ll forward this to @Joshua to have a look. As you see Connection are kind of hacked on top of IK. We are still working on the coexistence of both.


PS I also noticed the Rhino 6 Bongo 2 model that I edited is nearly doubled in file size – one more issue the developers need to look into.

Thanks Luc,
viktor and I are awaiting to download what you came up with, it’s great that you were able to look into it. About Bongo 3 we had a few crashes but are very impressed by the new features.


I couldn’t recognized the occurrence of ‘the dependency path split in two’ in your model. If that is still an issue, just let me know.


It was the way we understood it but I’m not sure we were analyzing this properly, thanks again Luc

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