Animate a flag to wave more than once in a second

HI all,
I am working on animating a flag and have read this post already
Import animated objects into Rhino / Bongo ->possible?
My question is how can i get the flag to wave more than once in a second. I have tried to scale the key frames but they only scale down to one action per key frame.
Many thanks!

when rendering you should get the image files (frames) and copy them a few times. Then rename them to continue the animation. Then you can compile them into gif or mp4 with different software. Not sure if Rhino is capable of doing that without the save video file checked.

Or create the video file from Bongo and then use video processing software (like Camtasia or to add it multiple times

Thanks Ivelin!
The flag is only part of the scene so I really need it all to happen in Rhino/Bongo

hmm, in this case you’ll have to not scale but copy your frames x2, x3 depending on how long you want it to wave.


it asks you for keyframe to copy to, pick the last one from the animation of the flag.

this is my result:

You may have to apply scale in order to fit multiple repetitions in 1 sec.

The timeline ticks are an abstract notion of time. The ratio between a tick and a second is set up when the animation is rendered. You do not have to scale the keyframes.

In this model Flag bis.3dm (292.3 KB) the range reaching from tick 0 till 99 is rendered into a video of 1 second with a framerate of 25 frames-per-second.

The matter is comprehensively discussed in Problem registering multiple sequences - SOLVED


Right, that makes sense. Thanks Mate!

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