How to slow down a video in Bongo and make it repeatable?

I am trying to figure out how to slow down a video in Bongo, I added more ticks to my animation and made it longer but it still seems super fast. I am just looking for a way to easily slow down the video.

Also, how do I make a video play on repeat?


Increasing the number of ticks doesn’t alter the duration of the animation. Ticks are merely abstract graduations of the timeline.

The length in seconds of the timeline in Preview is determined in Bongo’s Options.

When the animation is finally rendered the length in seconds again must be specified.

In Bongo 3.0 we try to harmonize this in the TimeManager.


PS I have no idea how to make a video repeat itself. I guess it depends on the file format you use.

Awesome thank you!
I also have Bongo 2 I believe not 3 :confused:

Bongo 2.0 is the current version. Bongo 3.0 is still under development.

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