Angle Bisector of Pair of Lines

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get the Bisector angle of multiple pairs of lines. These pairs come from polylines.
I was able to achieve it, partially, as it seems some bisectors are not actually splitting the angle in half…

I even tried doing it in Rhino with command “Line” > “Bisector” but no line is created… Very strange behavior.

Here the def: (13.0 KB)

IMO, as you can see, the reason for the error is that the average of parallel vectors or vector additions creates no direction(?) vectors.

It seems measuring angles and vector rotation works fine. (18.5 KB)

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Thank you Kim, seems like a good alternative!

You can use Incentre (18.5 KB)

Or this much better (12.6 KB)

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Great, thank you!

Good Work. can you Suggest the same for 3d closed Poly line?? i try to use the same definition but it ignores the last connecting point.

Try to make a plane for every two segments, and share you example

thanks for reply. i got the way. theres inbuilt function in Rhino 6 now.