Anemone problem with geometry recorded

I have created a geometry shown in the picture in gh manually by scaling and shifting the list. I thought it could most likely work with Anemone. It seems like it is almost there, but I am not getting the lines between polygons for each iteration. Why is that?

Attached are both manual script and anemone version.

Thank you for your help!

Anemone (17.3 KB) (20.9 KB)

P.S. This can be done entirely without Anemone. And to answer your original question, the lines (‘Ln’) for each iteration weren’t being recorded at the ‘Loop End’. Instead, you were recording a ‘FLine’ connecting their end points, which results in a straight line that matches the polygon edge.

Check this as well…

Anemone (19.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot!