Anemone flow

i m not able to figure out mesh intersection as i proceed. Its actually giving the direction of flow over terrain. but it comes as invalid and outcome is messy lines. i m using anemone for this flow analysis. can someone help me.

output is like this… which is nout true i feel

Share the simplified GH, so people can look into your problem.

Hi @JENIL_Sarvaiya

Try Bison.

water (20.2 KB)

Okay, I will try that out too… Does that work in a similar way as this? that would be great.

It has a spacial component for flow direction of water.

Will this plugin work in rhino 7?

yes in Rhino 7 it works fine, but the pluginn is discontinued and I heard it won’t be working anymore in rhino 8.

That’s not a good news, what alternative do we have?

… basically meaning that you’ll still be able to run that in Rhino 8 by running SetDotNetRuntime and setting that to NETFramework.
But, yes, it’s no longer maintained…

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Hi @Toto,

Depends what you are looking for.
GHGis has some similar tools.

And Heron I use quite a lot.

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You may also want to take a look here: