Generative flow lines with Mosquito

Hello! I am needing help with trying to visualize the water flow over a typology. I imported the contour lines of the area, changed the heights accordingly depending on the height of each line and then used the patch command in rhino to create a surface. I then took the surface into grasshopper and used a basic script using mosquito to visualize the water flow.

However, it is looking like a mess and I cant get to visualize it correctly… I think it might have to do with the U and V direction not aligning with the surface (It is not parallel to the edge of the surface).

If anyone knows how to fix this I would hugely appreciate it!

Water analysis.3dm (1.4 MB)
Water flow (459.8 KB)

Is anyone able to please help?:frowning:

You have a trimmed surface as your input, which means the (actual) untrimmed surface is bigger and has a different boundary. This results in your flow lines extending over your trimmed surface. (see attached)

However, the UV direction does not matter much except for your input points used to generate the flow lines. you might have to rebuild your surface to get a UV grid that aligns with the rectangular shape of your trimmed surface.

The main issue with your script is the settings for the mosquito Flow component. I changed the values for Resolution and Calculation and the results should look closer to what you might want to get. (see attached)