An nVidia RTX 4060, 4070, 4080, 4090, A6000, A3000, Others Chart

Certainly here, it is only the 4090 that isn’t in stock or very limited/extraordinary price, presumably due to the rush to get them to China before last Friday. It even looked like some pre-purchase was pulled or diverted away from US/EU. Unsure, but it certainly looked that way.

All other cards are almost completely stocked, including all of the ones alleged to be undergoing a Super refresh. Prices are also generally quite static, with not a huge amount off for Fake Friday Sale Day.

Yes, exactly, that makes the 4090 particularly difficult to get right now.
Btw, the 4090 may not get any super refresh since it has no competition. Just 4080 and lower. We will get to know during CES.

Yeah. Earlier in the year, there was a rumor (as usual) that nvidia had planned a 4090 Ti, but that it was shelved, for various speculated reasons. There was even an unverified set of images of a cooler.

CES should be interesting.

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The RTX 4090 TI was probably shelved–because the 4090 non-ti is unchallenged in the marketplace : (

yep, see here:

My curiosity is what will happen in the future. By expectation, the theoretical 5090 would also immediately break the same barrier, assuming it is still in place.

I wonder if the 5090 will immediately be priced at the lofty heights of over $2000 MSRP, if nvidia have already lost such a huge market for Blackwell GB202 dies.

Without strong competition for nVidia, things are looking a bit grim, but not for nVidia.

[Oddly, I don’t want Intel in the GPU market. I want them in the SSD market, to challenge Samsung,]

I don’t know. I have grown quite attached to my Arc GPU. Despite the reasonably low support from softwares, I like how it has generally functioned. More competition is always good thing if it brings down prices and increases customer service quality for consumers.

After ending thier Optane, and the dire reception of thier 14th gen refresh, I’d imagine they will be very focused on trying to focus on thier core competencies; Desktop and Mobile CPU and maintain support for thier discrete GPUs, as it is a relatively new project with potentially large gains in AI customers.

I would think they will be running around a bit headless at the moment flapping about thier new disaggregated CPU architecture (Meteor Lake), due in 10 days, rather than worrying about storage.

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Latest GPUs are overpriced:

Unfortunately, this won’t get much better for now.

Especially Nvidia, they have a reasonably captive audience, and all of the crypto bros have now evolved into generalised tech bros. As the dies are shared, they won’t really need to care about small-volume non-datacentre users (gamers, small productivity firms, animators), as they can flog their dies to datacentre use to produce and help flood the internet with artificial trash.

RTX 4090s are just starting to edge back down towards $1900 in the US, which is obscene. I cannot believe that the $600 4070 Super is now “mid range”. Mid range, at $600! The new 4080 Super, with MSRP of $1000, is already $1500 on Newegg, and already out of stock. So everyone is paying +$500 over MSRP for functionally ZERO improvement over the original 4080.

Ever since the Cryto fad, shareholders will not accept any answer but getting back to the apex of ridiculous GPU prices. For now, AI is giving that “correct” answer, and now we are all stuck ad infinitum to feel honoured that we can have mid-range GPUs for only $600. Why is the 4060 Ti even still a product? Even better, why do we now have a “””“new”””” RTX 3050 6 GB?! What a waste of sand.

AMD are not offering much better for raytracing, and their AI capability is still off the pace. Intel is still a little too immature in their dGPUs to do much to force a shift in the market.

The only hope is that the fashion for AI calms down and becomes more isolated, and that Intel can get Battlemage+ to force a better market contest. But the problem there is that hardly any productivity software will support it, given the already relatively sparse support for AMD anyway. So we are hoping for additional competitors, so we can go give money to our real masters at the greedy green machine.

It’s marginally better than this time last year, but the market is still trash.

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