AMD Raedon Graphics (+ eGPU)

Does anyone have experience with AMD Raedon graphics cards for Rhino? I see a few other posts on it, but thought it might be useful to centralize the discussion.

My specific issue is regarding my new laptop, which is a Dell E-series with an AMD Raedon HD 8690M. Nothing to write home about, but hopefully a step up from the integrated graphics on the Intel chip. When I get Rhino installed on the laptop, I’ll post my results, but I’m wondering what other users think of Raedon laptop cards. Many people are happy with the laptop GeForce performance, so I presume Raedon would be acceptable as well.

Also, shot in the dark, but has anyone here implemented an eGPU on their notebook?

any update on Raedon graphic card ? i am pllaning to buy R5 240 1 GB