Ambrosinus toolkit

Hi Luciano @Ambrosinus , thank you for your efforts in developing these tools! They are amazing!

I am hoping to install this plugin on a laptop within my organisation, but think I will run into some permission issues.

These are the settings I currently have which work for SD (locally) and Rhino. Can you tell me if these settings will work as of today? Or whether I need to ask my administrator for access or updates?

  • Rhino v7 SR34 (7.34.23267.11001, 2023-09-24)
  • Stable Diffusion v1.5
  • ControlNet v1.1.440 (models from lllyasviel/ControlNet-v1-1 at main)
  • Ambrosinus Toolkit 1.2.6 (Package Manager)
    - Cannot run Rhino as an administrator!
    - Updates to the Automatic1111 installer are run centrally by the administrator as well, so that may result in the “webui-user.bat” file being overwritten or bypassed upon every computer restart.

Also, should the “value list” components automatically “populate” with the correct values when plugged into CNVers, Mode, Resize & Sampler? (as seen in your images on Ambrosinus-Toolkit/AI_components/SD_ControlNET_locally at main · lucianoambrosini/Ambrosinus-Toolkit · GitHub)
Or should they be manually entered? I haven’t been able to tell from your videos.

I have not been able to open the demo files (i’m guessing because of the rhino version or administrator access?), but get Grasshopper IO errors when trying to open saying “IO Read error: Unknown data type encountered.”

Apologies for asking so many questions! I’m just excited to get started with your tools!

Thank you again!