Alternative to RhinoScriptCompiler for .rhproj files in Rhino 8?

In Rhino 7 when updating a plugin, I used a Python script that would dynamically build the command .py files, build the corresponding .rhc file, use RhinoScriptCompiler.exe to generate the .rhp file, perform some extra shenanigans, and build the corresponding .yak file with Yak.exe. I’m interested in bringing this plugin over to Rhino 8 with commands running in CPython 3 instead of IronPython, which doesn’t seem to be possible with RhinoScriptCompiler (How can I compile a plugin from a Python 3 script for Rhino 8? - #3 by eirannejad).

Although package publishing with the ScriptEditor seems to be a bit broken right now (RH-78541, RH-75990), I can see that .rhproj files are used now instead of .rhc files to track the plugin contents. Barring the Newtonsoft.Json issue, is there any sort of command line tool like RhinoScriptCompiler that can build a plugin from a .rhproj file?

Building with a Python script is incredibly useful because lets my team write, test, and build the plugin all within an external IDE. It also looks like .rhproj files use absolute paths for plugin contents, which means each dev would need their own .rhproj file, so I’d like to be able to keep using this type of workflow instead of relying entirely on the ScriptEditor.