Alternative of boundary surfaces

I am working grille pattern using a grasshopper.
I have worked on two options both are taking high computation time. Do we have any other better alternative, which can take a few milliseconds?
I have attached the file and screenshot.

Thank you!
FOR (18.0 KB)

This python script might help your situation.


Hello Kevin,
Thanks for responding.
I have checked the component, It is taking time.
We need to reduce computation time.

Yes, but considerably faster than the Boundary Surfaces component.

Converting script from python to C# speeds it up a little more.

FOR (13.2 KB)


I was going to suggest the same (plus dropping typehints, but that does very little here). But, contratory to established precedent/experience, I’m getting slightly faster/similar performance with GHPython on my system:


Scripted method is faster with equivalent geometry.

FOR (22.7 KB)

Boundary Surfaces → 3651.04 ms.
GhPython Script → 33.68 ms.
C# Script → 29.54 ms.

Rectangular Array → 16.42 ms.
Brep Join → 80.16 ms.
Merge Faces → 1365.07 ms.
Total Time → 1461.64 ms.


I have worked on one more option using mesh array.

FOR DISCUSS_re3 (15.4 KB)

Hi. It is possible to modify this scripts to work with only one input like the Boundary Surfaces component do?

I’m sure it could be done. But then you would need to add code to the script to separate them, so what’s the point?


@Cumberland the solution you posted does not have anything to do with the topic of this thread which was making a perforated surface like this:


Sorry, my mistake, wanted to post in other thread.