Alternative of boundary surfaces

I am working grille pattern using a grasshopper.
I have worked on two options both are taking high computation time. Do we have any other better alternative, which can take a few milliseconds?
I have attached the file and screenshot.

Thank you!
FOR (18.0 KB)

This python script might help your situation.


Hello Kevin,
Thanks for responding.
I have checked the component, It is taking time.
We need to reduce computation time.

Yes, but considerably faster than the Boundary Surfaces component.

Converting script from python to C# speeds it up a little more.

FOR (13.2 KB)


I was going to suggest the same (plus dropping typehints, but that does very little here). But, contratory to established precedent/experience, I’m getting slightly faster/similar performance with GHPython on my system:


Scripted method is faster with equivalent geometry.

FOR (22.7 KB)

Boundary Surfaces → 3651.04 ms.
GhPython Script → 33.68 ms.
C# Script → 29.54 ms.

Rectangular Array → 16.42 ms.
Brep Join → 80.16 ms.
Merge Faces → 1365.07 ms.
Total Time → 1461.64 ms.


I have worked on one more option using mesh array.

FOR DISCUSS_re3 (15.4 KB)