Align Keynotes and leader bends with Rhino.Inside

I recently had to mirror a fully detailed Revit project.
The keynotes remembered the leader locations, but the text flipped incorrectly as seen below.
Wishful thinking, but can I easily fix this with RiR, or will I need an intern with a lot of time? :joy:

Mirroring keynotes didn’t reproduce the condition. Can you post a small example?

Here is a section detail. You might be able to recreate it by placing some keynotes and using the “Mirror Project” under Manage > Position. They may have been pinned, but not 100% sure.

You’ll want to Duplicate the Keynote Family Type, Name to Right Leader and then toggle the Right Leader parameter. If you want to switch them all in the project just check the Right Leader toggle and rename your family.

Ah, I was able to do the same as you show. Unfortunately, my office doesn’t let us align notes to the right side (a discussion for another day and another forum).
It kind of makes sense why it did that, because this detail would have been mirrored before and the notes would be off to the upper right instead of left.
I think I would have to move the text object left and the leader bend an equal amount right to achieve what I need it to look like.

I showed the Project Manager the hypothetical “against office standards” fix where notes are aligned to right side as you show above (by modifying family alignment parameter). Turns out saving a day of dragging all the text in the project is worth breaking standards! :joy: