Align face to face

I’m having a mental block today. I’m sure there is a tool to align an object’s face to another face. Am I wrong?

In the illustration below I want to align the face of the gold piece to the face of the green part (while maintaining the position in the other two axes).

Thanks in advance for the reminder,


I guess I only use a small subset of all functionality but in this case I would use Move. Either the entire gold piece or sub-object select the face. Or use scale1d.

In this particular example, the amount to move to make the faces align is unknown. I would need to take a distance from an intersection to the corner of the gold block. Easy enough to do, but a command to align the faces while locking the other two directions is easier. I’m sure I’ve seen this in Rhino. Or am I confused?

are you trying to move it up and over to the left?

if so, use _Move with perpendicular osnap… the move from point is the corner of the orangish box then perp snap should grab the point you’re trying to move to.

(amongst other ways to do it)

No, not up. Just to the left so the faces are coplanar. In SpaceClaim there is a move to face option. I thought we had one too.

(assuming this isn’t on x,y,z in which case, you can use shift key ortho to lock direction)

use _Move with the Near osnap… click on the corner of the orange box, get a near snap along the front-bottom edge (the skinny edge) of the orange box, press the Tab key which will lock the direction, then get your second snap from the edge of the blue box.

How about this:

Set your Cplane to the bottom of the gold box. Turn project on. Call up the Move command and use the End Osnap to grab the corner of the box. Then use the Perp Osnap to pick on the edge of the green box. The gold box will stay on that plane.

Lots of ways I suppose, but not as user friendly as a “Move to Face” command. :smile:



There is the align command. I’d switch to a perpendicular view, select the objects your are moving (I tend to group [ctrl+g] them, then ungroup them when I’m done [shift+ctrl+g]), then try aligning them. It’ll ask for vertical or horizontal, which corresponds to the active view.

heh, i don’t know… doing it with _Move takes like 1.25 seconds… way longer to type out how to do it. :wink:

Yeah, not a big deal. I just thought I had used a tool in Rhino that aligns faces. Your method or mine both take 1.25 seconds!

I find that gumball in snappy mode makes this kind of thing quick easy. Using CTRL to reposition gumball to point on object to move (say one of the edges/corners of face you want to align) - grab the handle in direction to move, snap, boom.

Yes, that’s about as easy as it gets. I don’t often use the snappy dragging.



Well, there is a MoveFace command - which they threatened to remove because of Gumball, but finally left in - which allows you to move the face perpendicular to its normal and snap to stuff. In the video, the two boxes are deliberately not aligned with the CPlane axis.