Algorithm Summer School - July 2019 (Rome)

Algorithm Summer School
16-25 July, 2019
Faculty of Engineering - Sapienza University of Rome
Registration deadline 14th of February 2019

Computational technology is rapidly developing. It provides strong capabilities to change the way we act, think, communicate and interact in real life. The goal of the Algorithm Summer School is to provide students with a new digital paradigm in design and architecture and make them able to gain practical experience on future trends of computational architecture, generative design, algorithmic analysis, design optimization, digital fabrication, and smart kinetic systems.

School Program

Module 01 | Digital design, Form Finding Algorithms, and Parametric Architecture.

Tools: Rhino, Grasshopper, Paneling tools, Kangaroo plugin fields Grasshopper, Digital Fabrication

Topics: Generative design, NURBS modeling, parametric modeling, architectural design algorithms, form finding algorithms, generative designs in architecture and urban scale and fields algorithms

Module 02 | Digital Design and Fabrication

Tools: 3D printing, laser cutting, Grasshopper plugins, RhinoCAM

Topics: Digital design, digital fabrication, laser cutting, 3D printing, RhinoCAM, Introduction to Kinetic responsive design as an option

Details and registration…

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