Advanced Surface Extrude / 'Extend Face" command?

Hey guys, I asked for this before, here is a real life case, but maybe this is a new advanced feature for the next version of Rhino:
a advanced surface extrude or "extend face’ command.

Thanks for gettting your ideas whether there is a script or macro for that already.


The “Connect surfaces” tool (Surface > Connect surfaces) may help a bit with that, though it only works with surfaces, so the polysurfaces (solids) must be exploded first.

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Here is a video with all issues resolved when command is not working.

@Rhino_Bulgaria for pointing out the command. But slowly I know there are faster ways to not get in trouble if you have complicated geometry. The posted video explains all issues with the command and the background how to solve them. but initially this sometimes takes to long and it is more intuitive to extend the surface edges with extend surface and trim all. way faster.

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I agree with that. Sometimes, the “Connect surfaces” command will behave strangely, such like deleting the portion of the surface that the user wanted to keep.

Wish: Adding a “Flip” option in the Command line will help to avoid that issue.

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+1 totally agree, wonderful idea!

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