Advanced Mesh Reduction


Is it possible to create another Reduce mesh method that instead of setting the number of vertices or their percentage, you can map this value according to the part of the mesh? As a kind of mask or map where you can set different levels of reduction to different parts of the mesh?

For example here (it’s a ring band, those holes are for placing stones), the lower part needs to be reduced much more than the upper part.

I know that Rhino’s strength is not meshes, but these kind of more advanced methods, where instead of a static value for the whole process we have a method that returns the value for each vertex, in my experience are not that complicated to implement once you make the simple version with a constant value. It would be helpful if you offer something like this in Rhinocommon, even if it is not available from the Rhino commands (which you could but it would require a kind of brush to draw a texture on the mesh to specify different parameters to different mesh areas).

Offering a more advanced method where instead of a numeric value there is a function that returns the numeric value (based on the input where it applies), is something that should also be available to all remeshers and many tools in general.

You can see an example of what I mean here:
PowerDiagrams/Delaunay2d.cs at 3217ca45f01052111113ed9b37f0bb9f04f213d8 · DanielAbalde/PowerDiagrams · GitHub where there is

public IEnumerable<IEnumerable<Vertex>> ToAlphaShape(double radius, out List<Polyline> polylines)
public IEnumerable<IEnumerable<Vertex>> ToAlphaShape(Func<Edge, double> radiusFunc, out List<Polyline> polylines)


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Hi @Dani_Abalde,

I’ve logged your request.

– Dale

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