Adjust surface edges

Still new to Rhino. Id like to pull these edges inwards towards the car. These are naked edges of a trimmed surface.

You could use cageedit, but if your goal is to move the edges and leave the rest of the surface where it is, that’s tricky.

There are a few ways to do that:

  1. Create duplicate of the edges and join the resulting curves. Then, create a point and move it deeply inside the tail light housing. Then run “Extrude to point” (! _ExtrudeCrvToPoint _Pause
    _Solid=_No), select the line as the profile and then snap the end to the point to build the inclined surfaces. Then use a vertical surface to trim the unnecessary portion of the extruded surface.

  2. Hold down the “Ctrl+Shift” keys and select some of the surface edges. Then use the Gumball’s circle on the arrow to extrude the line towards the inside of the car. Or use the “Extrude straight” command (! _ExtrudeCrv). Repeat the following with the remaining edges. Then turn on the control points and use the Gumball to adjust the angle of the surfaces to your liking.

  3. Create duplicate of the edges and join the resulting curves. Then use the “Extrude curve tapered” command (! _ExtrudeCrvTapered _Pause _Solid=_Yes). You can control the angle via the options in the command line.

Hello - what happens if you Untrim? Can you post the surface and the one(s) you want to get closer to?


Thanks everyone, I will try these tips. B Design, it seems like your tips would work if I still had curves but Im not able to do this with naked edges, right? When I select the edge, it only selects the whole surface giving me no edge select option. Pascal, when I untrim I would assume that it would remove the trimmed sections and bring me back to a standard planar surface which I dont want.

You can either use the “Duplicate edge” command (! _DupEdge) to create a curve from the surface edge, or hold the “Ctrl+Shift” keys and pick a surface edge to select it and then you can extrude it.

Thanks! I just realized it could be done! This helps.

It looks like I had to duplicate the edges and build surfaces in between. The extrude tapered curve was nice but unfortunately it created overlapping surfaces where the taillight bezel had tight corners.