Adjust Orthogonal to work on a polar grid

I’m currently trying to build a set of plans which are arrayed circularly. Is there some way to change Rhino so that instead of treating orthogonal as up-down or left-right, it instead runs as towards-away or around a fixed point?

Hello - No… but you can enter polar coordinates -

radius, rotation angle, z

! Line 0 12<30,10
(= a line from 0,0,0 12 units long at an angle of 30 degrees viewed in plan and the endpoint elevation of 10)
for example.


Yeah, that doesn’t really help me. My main bottleneck is that everything which is running along the circle around my point needs to be made with the arc tool. I can’t use polylines, I can’t use the square tool, and the method you recommend will still create a straight line from the one point to the other.

Hello - perhaps you can post a simple example of what you’re trying to do. There might be a way…


Here’s a screenshot of what I’m working on. As you can see, the walls are running either along a circle of a given radius from the point in the bottom left, or on an intersect line. I would love to be able to, for instance, use the polyline command to draw a ‘rectangle’ with the appropriate lines curved along the circles where I want them.

Basically, I want Rhino to use a polar coordinate system rather than a cartesian in regards to its straight lines.

Hello - it may be that making a series of concentric circles and and radial lines may get you somewhere if everything resides as it were on a radial grid of some kind. If you make that grid and use CurveBoolean to pick out regions you care about:

Also, though less likely to be useful I’d guess, you can remap curves from a rectangle to a polar surface with ApplyCrv - examples in the attached.

Polar.3dm (74.5 KB)